Snake again

Looks and details

Snake print got me addicted as well as the thick high heels 😍

No need to say that they feel heavenly in my feet 😌


Let’s not forget about the details…

Looks and details

• ZARA shoes 

• ZARA pants

• CHANEL bag

Note: these pink beauties are extremely comfortable. I’ve been walking for hours and hours and felt no pain from them 💗

Wanted to show you a full outfit picture but unfortunately I had such a good time that I almost forgot about the phone… 🙃

A trip back home…


I remember how before moving out I was saying that when I’ll get my holidays from my new job I will visit different countries not wasting the time visiting the same old one but oh… in only one year I’ve spent two of my holidays going back home…

Missing the places, the people, my home, my bedroom, the Black Sea…was such a strong feeling I couldn’t replace with no other 

By only looking at the sea I was remembering all my happy childhood moments, my thoughts, my joy

This place is my source of energy…whenever mine is gone I must come back here and recharge it 

• my bestie •