Beautiful on the inside too…


It’s not often found a food product that looks good, smells good, tastes good and it’s also good for health… at least nutella it’s not, neither salty chips 😞

That’s why I’m in love with berries…any kind. Strawberries 🍓 blueberries, raspberries, blackberries… they smell delicious, they are super tasty and also full of vitamins and qualities. I’m not into fruits much…I don’t like bananas 🍌 except the green ones, not a fan of oranges 🍊 either, hate apples 🍎 only like the green very sour ones (hard to even bite) 🍏 but I do love lemons 🍋, watermelons 🍉 and exotic weird fruits as long as they are either very sweet or very sour, theres no in between

The raspberries though…are something special for me

Back home I was eating them every summer…moving out here I changed a lot of my eating habbits due to the fact that I couldn’t find the same products or the same taste and neither my lifestyle was not the same anymore but the raspberries remained on my list

Lately I made a small research about the benefits they got and thought of sharing them with you

The five biggest benefits of raspberries 

  1. Losing weight – They are low in calories and fat – 100g = 52 calories but 6.5g of fiber.   6,5g fiber is 16% of the daily recommended intake which is pretty good for only 100g of raspberries
  2. Contains Xylitol which can be helpful for people with diabetes to regulate wide fluctuations of blood sugar levels due to its quality of absorbing into the blood slower than the simple sugar

3. Reduces wrinkles 👵🏽 – raspberries can be used as a natural face mask (unless you’re me – I eat half while applying it on my face) 1 cup of yoghurt and 2 cups of raspberries- -> blend until it becomes smooth and apply it on your face for 15mins then wash it off with tepid water and voilá – got yourself a baby face 👶🏽👶🏼👶🏾

4. Prevents infections and cancer thanks to the ellagic acid which is found in the raspberries

The ellagic acid is a natural nutrient which it’s not a cancer treatment by itself but very  important when added in the “cancer diet” helping with keeping the cancer cells from spreading.

5. Feminine health – raspberry leaves 🍃 can be used as herbal teas ☕️ 🌿 helpful in regulating menstrual cycles and decreasing the heavy menstrual flows. For future mommies🤰 the raspberry tea relieves nausea, reduces the pain and helps in childbirth. For lactating mommies this tea or simply eating the fruit will help to increase the production of breast milk 🍼 👶🏻

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta grab some because from all these pictures I got a big appetite for raspberries

Love you peaches!

I am my best friend

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Oh this feeling…hope won’t ever fade away…

After all the fuss and run, after sleepless nights, thoughts and worries, not knowing which way to go, not having any plan for my next step, feeling incomplete, I finally found peace.

It feels like for months I’ve been hearing loud music in my ears not letting me rest and all of a sudden the music stopped, now it’s quiet, peaceful, calm…

I’m enjoying a good sweet coffee in the morning staying on my balcony, watching the birds fly from one side to another, I enjoy losing myself in the beauty of nature, I enjoy even 2 free hours spent in bed daydreaming 

I am happy ! I am finally happy !

I’ve been through some tough moments, I was afraid that I may lose control but I promised that I will never lose myself. I never blamed me for anything bad happening, and please do not ever do this to you, do not ever become your own enemy, don’t embarrass yourself, don’t blame yourself nor make yourself cry. Anything that happend bad in my life I was busy solving it and not finding someone to blame. I had some moments where I lost control of things, of situations and I was aware of that but I always spoke to myself promising “we’ll” be fine and We are 🙂 

Only think that everything that comes in your life can also as well go… good or bad