Life is magical…especially mine


This picture over here I had it saved in my phone for the past two years…I kept on saying that one day I’ll go there

One year ago I found out that this picture was taken in Germany in a small city called Bonn…I didn’t knew how far was that from my place,Frankfurt and I haven’t searched for it either.

For my birthday as I said in the previous post, I left all my decisions and plans in my best friend’s care…she took me in 3 different cities in only 4 days, I knew nothing and everything was new for me. Although I know that I first reached Bonn!!

Two weeks ago I see my best friend posting on Instagram a picture similar to this one ☝️ 

Now I don’t know what to feel…happy cause I got to be there…sad because I haven’t took a picture there or amazed cause I was exactly on my birthday on my favorite street.

This made me realise that sometimes we want something so badly and when we finally get it we don’t even notice it … so before you search far, make sure you take a close look of whats surrounding you 👀 I’ll sure do !

Love you peaches !


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