Can I go back ?


So this is a picture taken by me… I was on a cruise in Alanya and every five minutes I could’ve seen another boat coming along so at the end of the day when I checked my camera I realised that I had 40 pictures only with boats … Oh well 😌


And this is where I was sunbathing every morning

• bathing suit from Hunkemöller

• hat from H&M

• Raffy Embroidered bathing suit from Calzedonia

• cap from H&M

• bathing suit from Tezenis

• bathing suit from Hunkemöller

I got addicted of Hunkemöller three years ago when I was in Austria but about that addiction we’ll be talking in the next post ✌🏽


Having a blast 🐳


So this was my view while I was having dinner with my parents which I haven’t seen for months…

The food was so tasty…reminding me from back home memories

Tomorrow we are going to the beach the whole day and in the night we’re attending to a beach party so I’d better go to bed now

Love love peaches 💙

Off to go ! ✈️


Guess who’s packing !!?

Few more hours and I’m flying to Alanya, Turkey, 8 days of sun, tan, swimming and party 🎉 

I’m so excited that I already feel sorry that my holiday will end too fast

The best part of this trip is that I’ll meet my parents there and I haven’t seen them for months !!!

We’ll go in this resort called Granada Luxury Resort or Hotel or whatever and as much as I’ve seen in the pictures it looks pretty amazing

50 shades of blue 🐟🐠🐬🐳 

I already know I’ll take hundreds of pictures and videos

I’ll keep you updated !! Or should I say I’ll spam your newsfeed ? 🤔  haha