It’s my birthday 🎉 


As I do every year…I took some days off from everything in order to properly enjoy my birthday 🎂

But this time I had no plans for it 💁🏽 Nowhere to go, no ideas to party…nothing but I knew I won’t be staying home in Frankfurt. I wanted to leave the city even for a day – that’s where my best friend got involved 👯

She asked me if I can leave my vacation and birthday party in her hands … to trust her?! She s my bestie ofc I will !! So that’s what I did…I left everything to her.

She only told me to take a train and meet her in Bonn. Never been there but it’s only a 2 hours ride with the train 🚂 The rest of the plan she won’t reveal it to me which made my packing even harder


Packed some stuff and left to the unknown destination 💁🏽 I have no idea how am I going to spend my holiday and my birthday but I know for sure I will have lots of fun as long as I have her by my side.

I can’t wait to share my trip with you peaches 🙋🏽


5 thoughts on “It’s my birthday 🎉 

    1. Omg… your comment made me feel amazing…I stopped blogging when I got my job but I missed it so much I had to come back to it but unfortunately my audience got very very low
      With ur comment u made me feel so confident…thank you so much

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