I am my best friend

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Oh this feeling…hope won’t ever fade away…

After all the fuss and run, after sleepless nights, thoughts and worries, not knowing which way to go, not having any plan for my next step, feeling incomplete, I finally found peace.

It feels like for months I’ve been hearing loud music in my ears not letting me rest and all of a sudden the music stopped, now it’s quiet, peaceful, calm…

I’m enjoying a good sweet coffee in the morning staying on my balcony, watching the birds fly from one side to another, I enjoy losing myself in the beauty of nature, I enjoy even 2 free hours spent in bed daydreaming 

I am happy ! I am finally happy !

I’ve been through some tough moments, I was afraid that I may lose control but I promised that I will never lose myself. I never blamed me for anything bad happening, and please do not ever do this to you, do not ever become your own enemy, don’t embarrass yourself, don’t blame yourself nor make yourself cry. Anything that happend bad in my life I was busy solving it and not finding someone to blame. I had some moments where I lost control of things, of situations and I was aware of that but I always spoke to myself promising “we’ll” be fine and We are πŸ™‚ 

Only think that everything that comes in your life can also as well go… good or bad


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