My beautiful chandelier…


Late night thoughts…

I’m staying in my new bedroom, laying in bed already because today I’ve been a bit sick and tomorrow I have to go to work…

I’m starring at the walls which I decorated pretty nice but something keeps on pulling me back in the past…I close my eyes and see my old house, my beautiful black and white wallpaper in my room, my chandelier and the sound made by its crystals when I was opening the windows and it was windy outside, the smell of vanilla and strawberries when I was opening the door of my room, the noise from the living room where me, mom and dad were watching funny tv shows eating snacks and laughing with tears… This summer air now makes it even harder for me to move on because back home this summer air was almost in every season…

I know I needed to start a life on my own, to create something on my own, but I just don’t think I’m ready to accept that those memories belong to the past now…

I still crave so much to go and find daddy in the living room turning on the PS asking me “Are you ready to lose?” and mommy in the kitchen making the popcorn with butter flavour. There aren’t 3 hours in a row in which I don’t speak with them but it’s not the same thing at all…

Now this house of mine got already my prints all over it…it’s cute, quiet, modern, it feels me, it relaxes me but it’s still empty and I feel it…and “she” feels it


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